Booster Water is positioned as the quintessential New Generation trend inspired by the changing lifestyle challenges in the 21st Century. It aims at Wellness at the core of the Human body, by improving the quality of Water that is consumed.

The Booster Water Team comprises of experienced and successful professionals from the realms of Innovative Business, Technology, Wellness Industry and have come together in the Mission to ‘Spread Wellness through Water’ and offering ‘Niche Business Proposition’ for entrepreneurs!

With Wellness and Innovation at its core, The Booster Water Team has come up the most convenient impact recommendations to fortify Wellness through the most neglected medium – Water, that comprises of 75% of the Human Anatomy.

The Booster Water Team has researched extensively to come up with the Technology that has made it affordable to make this a viable Business Option for the enterprising Business Community through services that range from Turnkey Projects for Plant Installation to Business building Services and an end-to-end solution that includes Sales & Distribution of Booster Water variants.

The variants of Booster Water are designed, formulated and developed keeping in mind the various usages for consumers cutting across age, health condition and demographical spectrum. The Booster Water team strives to provide the users with the necessary formulations customized to their lifestyle and individual needs with an array of Alkaline, Ionized and fortified water types.

Changing trends in Water Treatment for Consumption

With an increase in Chemical waste discharge, the water quality across locations have deteriorated over the years. Usage of pesticides, deforestation leading to poor rains, increased soil and water pollution are some of the reasons for the same. As a response to these challenges, we have been attempting at purification of drinking water through various methods over the years.

All the above methods, including the latest ones like RO have had their shortcoming. Manual filtration could not remove the micro elements; the boiling of water rendered it tasteless while RO removed the essential minerals from water making it Dead Water.

Our Vision

Our corporate vision is to be one of the leading wellness-based Bio-Tech companies globally delivering innovative and technology-driven wellness solutions to people from all walks of life!


Booster Water

Our Mission

To revolutionarise the bottled drinking water Industry through affordable, Alkaline Ionized water fortified with appropriate nutrients at ‘Arm’s length of Desire’ for end users. Spread health and wellness through educating and reaching the masses through appropriate and healthy water consumption in all walks of life. To guide the like-minded entrepreneurs in setting up production and distribution units for Alkaline Ionized water with the right nutrients and set up a low investment, viable Business of Blessings for the future.

We aim to setting up 25 plants in all major metro cities by 2022. Set up retail outlets with all major chains and restaurants. Have more than 20000 online subscribers for water Add more variants and flavors to products. Create a community for people who believe in water as preventive medicine.

We, Mybooster, are truly thrilled at the gigantic opportunity presented by the predictive and preventive wellness sectors in India, the second largest population of the world. With increasing modern lifestyle concerns posing newer health challenges for this delicate generation, the need for effective and result oriented wellness solutions at the bottom of the supply chain management is huge.

Mybooster is keen to cater the aspiring semi-urban target audience with its seamless wellness solutions helping them experience better quality of life. On the other hand, millions of people at the bottom of the wealth pyramid are struggling to cope up with the cost of living overcoming familiar challenges of unemployment, sustainable revenue generating activities and poor personal skill sets. Mybooster intends to specifically engage with this significantly large socio-economic section by empowering and helping them raise their standard of living a few notch higher.